Antifa vandals destroy businesses in Portland

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Destructive saboteurs purposely damaged at least two dozen businesses in Portland on Friday night. The Portland Police Bureau declared that the night of civil unrest resulted in “widespread destruction to businesses in Hollywood neighborhood.”

The Portland Police Bureau stated that a “group of nearly 50 people gathered” and then “vandalized many businesses including many small businesses in their path.” The vandals were “dressed in all black and seen wearing helmets and carrying umbrellas.”

Police found that the violent black bloc anarchists “vandalized and destroyed private property in both Downtown and Northeast Portland.” The rioting group also vandalized the Mexican Consulate.

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In videos of the destruction, you can hear glass being shattered as windows of storefronts are destroyed.

The anti-cop acronym A.C.A.B., which stands for “All Cops Are Bastards,” was spray-painted on numerous stores. Banks and a Whole Foods were targeted

(Content Warning: Explicit language)

The vandals also spray-painted “Black Trans-Lives Matter,” “Gentifiers,” and sent a message to the Portland mayor by writing: “F*** Ted Wheeler.”

Portland police officers were dispatched to the area. Despite the widespread destruction, no arrests were made.

Also on Friday night, a UPS driver was robbed at gunpoint and kidnapped in Northeast Portland. While the UPS driver was delivering packages, four suspects approached him. One pointed a gun at him and the other three duct-taped his wrists.

The thieves heisted the UPS truck and put the UPS driver in a light-colored Honda. “After a short distance, the suspects stopped, stole packages from the truck, released the driver and took off in their Honda. The driver was not hurt,” as reported by KOIN-TV.

On Thursday in Portland, there were tense confrontations between Black Lives Matter militants and police.

There have been regular, near-nightly protests and riots in Portland since late May, following the death of George Floyd, who died in police custody.

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    1. Skunk-smelling spray is not lethal enough. These rioters deserve nothing less than solid lead. They are out to destroy the United States and they MUST be destroyed first. Give every business owner a means to protect themselves and their business and tell those business owners “do what you have to do to protect yourself.”

  1. If I were running things there, I’d have the cops situated on top of buildings and absolutely strafe those mf’ers til they were all horizontal.

  2. Sooner or later the insurance company will not insure you or you will not be able to afford to pay their rates. I think I would move some place this crap does not happen, or maybe you business owners are really stupid

  3. It’s time to start killing Antifa and BLM both are communist and if the police won’t do this than it’s up to we the real Americans to stop this.

    1. I agree. These mofo’s need to be hunted down and taken out with extreme prejudice. You kill a rabid dog before it causes harm.

  4. The rabid dogs start before BLM and Antifa. How about the politicians, Mayors and DAs who won’t charge or punish the looters, BLM and Antifa, and then get rid of the Council Member who support defunding the police, especially those who hire private bodyguards but at the tax payor’s expense. Clean up your town! You can’t expect everyone coming to your aid if you don’t help yourselves. Then, go after, if there’s anything left of your town, BLM and Antifa plus any other groups that do you harm.

    1. Its looks like there is more to come ,….0biden and the rest of the commiecrats consider the antifa TERRORIST some kind of Idea, MYTH.

  5. Machine gun is the answer! Soon Quit! They are worthless paid by George Soros and Bill Gates! If police pick thwem up the stupid Judges turn them loose in minutes! Why is George Soros and Bill Gates still on our soil; breathing our Air!

  6. “Despite the widespread destruction, no arrests were made.”

    And the beat goes on…la di da di da. I trust the good folks and business owners of Portland won’t take umbrage if none of the rest of the world is incentivized to go there anymore.

    Voters get exactly the government (or lack of) they deserve.

    Liberalism is a mental disease.

  7. I will be charging extra for my internet sales for any items shipped to Portland or other cities that put up with this. The citizens condone it with the people they elect.

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