Election Winner Announcement Should Be Delayed, Kevin McCarthy Says

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., wants all major media outlets to wait to call the 2020 election winner “until every polling center has closed,” McCarthy said in a letter to outlets Wednesday.

“Americans will be watching their television and monitoring their social media feeds anxiously awaiting the results of the election. And understandably, the competition within the media to be the first to deliver those results is intense,” McCarthy wrote.

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“But media bragging rights should not supersede Americans’ voices. Any media organization that declares a winner of the presidential election before polling centers have closed will unquestionably disenfranchise Americans who have not yet voted,” he added.

Due to the inability to count important battleground statesmail-in ballots until the day of the election, there is a possible situation where the presidential election winner may be unknown until after Nov. 3, The Hill reported.

McCarthy’s letter was addressed to NBC Universal News Group Chairman Cesar Conde, ABC News President James Goldston, and Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott, among others.

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  1. “Dewey Defeats Truman”, and then egg on the face because this was wrong. Who cares? They poll before anyone votes, they predict while people vote, and then, naturally, they try to call a winner as early as possible. All of these things “disenfranchise voters”, at least anyone who is weak-minded enough not to cast a considered vote because of gossip. And, as anyone knows, they even lie in order to influence the vote, every day of every year. I’m sure this very important letter will get the media to toe the line….

  2. Mr. McCarthy is correct. If you don’t want to start a sht storm then the best possible solutiong would be to wait. Do you really think this will happen? Not at all. It’s an opportunity for the radical left, the crazed democrats, the BLM movement and the Antifa movement to damage more, burn more, and hurt more, people and buildings. Not gonna happen. Unfortunately!

  3. With the mail-in vote so heavily promoted this cycle, I really don’t see how the race can be called until all mail-in votes are counted. A few states like North Carolina are allowing votes to be counted if received up to 9 days after the election as long as the ballot is postmarked by 3 Nov. If that is not bad enough if the ballot has no postmark, or the postmark is not legible, it will be deemed to have been postmarked by 3 Nov. . This is outrageous. This policy invites voter fraud. Here is the scenario, let’s say that Trump is announced the winner on election day with a lead of 20,000 votes. Democrat ballot harvesters now know how many votes they need to “find” in order to change the outcome. With no requirement to have a postmark showing 3 November and 9 days to round up the votes, it is easy to see how this could be done. This mail-in stuff is going to create chaos. If someone can wait in the check-out line at Walmart they can wait in line to vote in person. My two cents.

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