Democrats Getting Nervous About Joe Biden’s Non-Existent Ground Game In Michigan

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Donald Trump shocked the political world in 2016 by winning the state of Michigan.

It had long been considered a Democrat stronghold, especially considering all the union workers in the auto industry. But many of those folks felt betrayed by the Democratic party and decided to go with Trump instead.

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Now Democrats are desperate to win the state back in 2020, and they’re getting anxious because Joe Biden does not have a strong ground game in there.

Time reports:

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Joe Biden is Running an Invisible Digital Campaign in All-Important Michigan. That’s Making Some Democrats Nervous

our years ago, Don Sabbe made what he calls a “devastating” mistake. Determined only to cast a vote for a candidate he believed in, he left the top of his ballot blank in the 2016 presidential election. This year, the 83-year old former Chrysler employee says he’ll definitely vote for Joe Biden, but he’s getting concerned about Biden’s campaign here in Michigan.

“I can’t even find a sign,” Sabbe says outside a Kroger’s in Sterling Heights, where surrounding cars fly massive Donald Trump flags that say “No More Bullsh-t” and fellow shoppers wear Trump T-shirts for their weekend grocery runs. “I’m looking for one of those storefronts. I’m looking for a campaign office for Biden. And I’m not finding one.”

The reason Sabbe can’t find a dedicated Biden campaign field office is because there aren’t any around here. Not in Macomb County, the swing region where Sabbe lives. It’s not even clear Biden has opened any new dedicated field offices in the state; because of the pandemic, they’ve moved their field organizing effort online.

The Biden campaign in Michigan refused to confirm the location of any physical field offices despite repeated requests; they say they have “supply centers” for handing out signs, but would not confirm those locations.

Democrats should be worried about this.

Trump has an extremely good chance of winning the Rust Belt again in 2020.

If he does, Joe Biden is finished.

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  1. How can democrats suddenly be nervous about Joe’s ground game? He never came into this fight with one. Most of his time has been spent hiding away in a basement taking snipes at a President who’s out there working every day. And really how can Joe have anything to offer, when the President is getting everything that Joe would like to do, done. The only people who have any idea of what they’re trying to accomplish are Joe’s handlers, and they’re a poor third or fourth string group.

  2. well losers stay hidden in the dark and most basements are dark. If Biden and Harris are the best the DEMOCRATS HAVE TO OFFER then the DEMOCRATS need to turn out the lights lock up shop go home and save money.

  3. The nazicratz will really get a surprise when Trump’s son announces his run in 2024 and he will get in…………….then what will they pull, after burning down the west coast………..get Mt. Rainier to blow!

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