Squad Member and Crackpot Ayanna Pressley Wants to Declare Racism a National Emergency Based on Her Statistical Nonsense (Video)

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Crackpot Democrat Ayanna Pressley is pushing legislation to declare racism a public health emergency.

Pressley, a vocal member of the Democrat-Socialst “squad”, says police “brutality” is the sixth leading cause of death for young black men.

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This is a ridiculous and hateful statement like much of nonsense this radical Democrat spews out of her mouth on a regular basis.

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Pressley, like most all Democrats, believes the blame is on the police — and not on the criminals!

So she spews nonsense like this against law enforcement.

There are typically nearly twice as many whites killed by police each year than blacks.
Blacks make up less than 13.4% of US population.

According to the CDC homicide is the leading cause of death for black males under the age of 45.

Black on Black homicide is by far the leading cause of death.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley wants you to ignore this essential fact.

There are about twice as many whites killed by police each year than blacks.

The problem is black on black homicide.
Police killings of black men is not the problem.
Democrats are not honest with these facts.
And they are pushing hateful, divisive legislation based on their lies.

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