Baylor University places ‘sensitive content’ warnings at 9/11 flag memorial created by conservative students. Oops.

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Seems Baylor University deemed a display of 2,977 mini-U.S. flags — in memory of the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks — a tad much for the campus community to emotionally handle without some kind of trigger warning, so they provided one: “Sensitive content” signs.

What are the details?

Baylor’s chapter of Young Conservatives of Texas put together the display — a tradition that’s been going on at the school for years, Campus Reform reported, citing a news release from the student group.

But this year Baylor Student Activities told YCT it would place “expression activity” signs near the flags, the outlet said, adding that the mandate was handed down fewer than 24 hours before the event.

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So YCT demanded an apology.

“We ask that the university formally apologize to the Baylor community for displaying the signs at our memorial in order to assert their commitment to the victims of 9/11,” Campus Reform noted, citing the news release.

And the outlet said the school indeed apologized to YCT as well as the group’s adviser.

What did the school have to say?

“Baylor University fully supports the 9/11 display of American flags depicting the thousands of lives lost as a result of the attacks that took place 19 years ago,” Lori Fogleman, the school’s assistant vice president of media and public relations, told Campus Reform.

She went on to explain to the outlet what went into the “sensitive content” signs: “Out of reverence for the exhibit of flags and in knowing that its moving symbolism could evoke a wide range of emotions, signage was placed near the display notifying those who passed by of its potential impact. This is a standard part of our process regarding outdoor displays which we implemented last year based on feedback from our campus community. We regret that the signage we used has taken away from the intent of the display and apologize for any misunderstanding this may have caused.”

Fogleman added to Campus Reform that the university has instituted a new policy — and all temporary on-campus displays “that may evoke an emotional reaction” will be labeled as such.

“In this case, the exhibit’s purpose was to remember the thousands of lives lost in the 9/11 attacks; in essence, it was a temporary memorial to those who died on that tragic day,” she told the outlet. “Our process should have produced a notice informing students, faculty, staff, and visitors of the upcoming 9/11 display and reminding them of its solemn and reverential meaning. Unfortunately, the execution of this process was very poor.”

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  1. Time for Baylor to be shut down. If you don’t have respect for your own country, then obviously you have no respect for yourself. Maybe you just don’t belong, and you should consider relocating.

  2. Well, if the American Flag doesn’t envoke a patriotic emotion then, the little commie brats need to leave the Baylor, Texas, and the United States and move to a socialist/communist country.

  3. Maybe they should have counselors or psychologists at the memorial in case any students needed help in looking at American flags, under which they live for free, are protected from enemies foreign and domestic, and can do and say as they please without reprise or legal actions. Schools are becoming too liberal (well getting worse) and actually have no clue what they are doing. How can a well educated leader of a university actually spit out the garbage i read above and think it represents normal human emotions and actually is believable by anyone with any sense at all.
    Maybe they need to put notices at the corner where there are stop signs because they evoke emotions of being made to follow rules or having to suffer consequences for not following them.
    How does someone get to be a leader of a university and be so ignorant.

  4. If the school had provided a photo of a similar warning that was not for a conservative point of view and done prior to this one (supposedly this was implemented about a year ago so there must be at least 1 or why would the school have needed such a policy?) I could buy it. Failing that, it sounds like a bunch of hooey to me!

  5. So Cratering to the Leftist SNOWFLAKES is nothing short of APPEASEMENT. As a College, this fundamental FACT of History should NOT be LOST.
    College is supposed to PREPARE these CHILDREN for life in the REAL WORLD and as Great Britain learned
    before the beginning of WWII. But we had a signed Treaty?? It’s NOT possible to negotiate with terrorists or stupid indoctrinated Children and now we see PAID activists. When a Bully/activist no longer has the ability to stand up, throw rocks and Molotov Cocktails because of broken bones he/she/IT MIGHT understans the memo!

    1. Probably not! They’re too stupid to read and only do what their handlers tell them to do so they can get paid from George Soros, but maybe it would knock some sense into them.

  6. I can’t say what I actually think about Baylor University since it would be very harsh, hateful, and full of 4 letter unspeakable words. To say that I’d be sorry if their leadership and university would somehow disappear from the face of the earth would be a lie. Since no one can see into my imagination, you’ll have to guess what I am seeing there.

  7. A once very proud Texas institution has deteriorated into just another left-leaning tuition appeasement organization, yet another shame brought to Texans from outside. Looking at the United States flag might cause a wide range of emotions? And the real problem with that? Did you also want us to kneel when African American students walk by, to show our sensitivity to their plight? How intellectually stimulating.

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