Pelosi: Capitol Rioters Chose ‘Their Whiteness Over Democracy’

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Many leftists and Democrats have attempted to frame the Capitol riots in terms of race, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) took the cake on Tuesday. She claimed that when pro-Trump rioters breached the U.S. Capitol building, engaged in vandalism, and caused the deaths of five people, they acted because they chose “their whiteness over democracy.”

Pelosi attributed the riots to race in a video meeting with her hometown San Francisco constituents. NowThis shared a snippet of the video on Twitter on Tuesday. She condemned the president for downplaying the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic and then argued that the Capitol riots were an epiphany, a revelation of racism.

Pelosi noted that January 6 marks the feast of the Epiphany in the Western liturgical calendar (a feast that Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, and others celebrate). She also noted that the word “epiphany” has “the connotation of an awakening, that people will realize in a different way.”

“I thought it was going to be an epiphany for those who were in opposition to our democracy to see the light. Instead, it has been an epiphany for the world to see that there are people in our country led by this presdient, for the moment, who have chosen their whiteness over democracy. That’s what this is about,” Pelosi argued.

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“There was an article written a number of years ago on democracy which said, ‘I fear the day when white Americans will have to choose between their whiteness and this democracy.’ And we saw what happened that day. This cannot be exaggerated,” Pelosi argued. “The complicity—not only the complicity, the instigation, of the President of the United States must and will be addressed.”

She went on to gush over Kamala Harris, noting that Harris will become the first female vice president, the first black vice president, and the first Asian American vice president. “We’re very very proud of that beautiful diversity,” Pelosi gushed.

Pelosi’s claim that the rioters chose “their whiteness over democracy” would be hilarious if it weren’t so tragically convincing to so many on the Left.

President Donald Trump won more black and Hispanic voters than he did in 2016 and he won more of them than most Republican presidential candidates in recent decades. Ironically, the candidate that the Left spent years demonizing as a racist lost the presidency because white voters abandoned him, while black and Hispanic voters moved in his direction.

In fact, this is one of the many reasons Trump voters thought it rather plausible that the election was “stolen” from the president. The Hispanic vote swing buoyed Trump to victory in the pivotal swing state of Florida, even while the president narrowly lost many of the other swing states he needed to win reelection.

Trump was within his rights to contest the 2020 election results, but his repeated claim that he really won the election in a “landslide” was dangerous. The legacy media and others unfairly dismissed some serious voting irregularities, rather than investigating and thoroughly debunking them, compounding the danger of Trump’s rhetoric.

When a horde of Trump supporters massed in Washington, D.C., on January 6, they gathered because they thought the election had been stolen, not for racial reasons. None of that justifies the heinous assault on the Capitol, but it is patently false to characterize the rioters as having “chosen whiteness.” They chose Donald Trump after Trump had gained more black and Hispanic voters while losing white voters.

It was disgusting for Pelosi to turn this tragedy into a racial issue, especially given her record on the Black Lives Matter-inspired riots this past summer. When rioters vandalized statues, she dismissed the violence by saying, “People will do what they will do.” She condemned the police’s response to Black Lives Matter rioters — even when they set fire to a historic church near the White House. She did ultimately condemn the violence, a few months after it started.

Pelosi attacked the Capitol rioters for “whiteness” in order to twist the riot to fit her narrative: Black Lives Matter protests good, pro-Trump protests evil. In reality, both kinds of protest have devolved into heinous and destructive riots, but only one kind of riot continued throughout the summer while Democrats championed the protests and coddled the rioters.

Tyler O’Neil is the author of Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Follow him on Twitter at @Tyler2ONeil.

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  1. Well Nancy I am a deplorable white person. I will be so thrilled when you were put on trial for treason. I will buy the bullets. How even pulled the trigger. God bless the United States of America. And God bless president Donald J trump.

    1. Let’s not waste bullet but hang them all high for treason and sedition. Those in Congress are our SERVANTS or now hired help and not the government because WE,THE PEOPLE, ARE THE (REAL) GOVERNMENT AND POWER thanks to our Founders and the first Congress were named SERVANTS with little pay. So, yes we can kick butts to the curb and march them to the gallows and also confiscate ALL their ASSETS here and abroad to pay down the reckless horrible national debt they gave us and also to finish the wall. They think they will be in the WH. They better think again because we will never let them in as they are communists who want to own and take whatever we have as this happened to my husband who family was able to escape communism, and I have worked under socialism in two countries and this ain’t socialism but against the DNC Party following thru with their published 1963 Communist Manifesto to take over our Republic (we are NOT and NEVER WILL be a democracy, thank GOD) and then took over our educational systems not long after the Manifesto and why I quit as a teacher and now we have grandparents, parents and most students knowing nothing about our Republic of Freedom and Rights so we have a struggle but WE WILL TAKE BACK OUR REPUBLIC and their ending will not be pretty. We must kick butts to the curb and start a NEW and CORRECT Congress with short terms, a certain salary (and no lifetime benefits), and we can always invite in another party and kick out the DNC Party of Communists and let see how real life is but many will again be marched to the gallows (trees and rope cheap) we will confiscate assets here and abroad and let them suffer under OUR LAWS AND GOVERNANCE.

  2. Pelosi has gone insane with power that she so despritely wants. She has gone ahead with false persecution of the President of the United States and she should face prosecution for it.

  3. We are being censored by this media the truth is something they can’t bare so they have deleted my last truthful post. Parasites don’t survive in a civilized society of which you are not part of.,……………………………

  4. What is with this “Whiteness” garbage? That is apparently something new that liberals made up to attack people who wish to follow the US Constitution. I know of many people of color who think the same as I do, are they following their whiteness? Stupid claims of racism.

  5. The Devil Running Away With America On Day Of The Biden Inauguration?

    What will happen between now and next Wednesday’s surrealistic Biden-Harris Inauguration on the steps of the Capitol before being led into the White House by the Military?

    To all click bait pushers: NO ONE, other than God Almighty, really knows.
    No one knows everything about what’s going to happen over the next few days, and anyone who claims they do, is flat out lying.
    Information on the web has now gone past the boiling point all the way to hysteria.

    Trump:”Never tell your enemy what you are going to do”
    But amidst all the hysteria hoopla, including videos “shared” by those claiming to now have permission of high-up informers to altruistically warn us that Martial Law is imminent, there could be a kernel of truth:

    President Donald Trump is not waiting in the White House for Nancy Pelosi to come and drag him out of there “by his hair, feet and little hands” because he may have already taken refuge at a military base.

    To be clear, we don’t know this, we’re only hearing about it.

    As I wrote to a long-time friend who messaged the Mother Ship this morning, asking if we know “what is REALLY going on”, I responded: When President Trump asserted twice this week, ”Never tell your enemy what you are going to do”, it was a message to the Democrats—and to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in particular,”adding that “Pelosi has been wildly boasting that she would drag the president out of the White House, ‘by his hair, feet and little hands’.

    “Try that at a military base, Mrs. Pelosi.”.

    There can be little doubt that the Democrats would have a harder time impeaching the President from afar.
    So in thee 11th-hour, just like in Rome which has two popes—one of whom must be bogus—we have two militaries, one which the media tells us will escort the corrupt Biden into the White House on Inauguration Day, and the one purportedly guarding the president at a Texas Military Base.

    Drunk with power lust, the Democrats control the masses through both pandemic fear mongering and 100 percent Digital Censorship
    In which one would you have the most faith?

  6. Grandstanding Nan from San Fran should have retired 15 years ago when she still had a smidgen of mental acuity left. Now, she just comes across as demented.

  7. I saved it JD

    What you see in those bloodshot eyes is Fear, real Fear that the crimes are now ending after more than 30 + years of corruption. The Fear of Prison or death for high crimes is not unusual but to me GITMO for life is more appropriate.

    The Corrupt Four Families of California crime families Newsom Brown Pelosi and Feinstein

  8. This is the Democrat party as it really is CORRUPT !

    NOTE: The guy that was Banging a Chinese Spy and was not held accountable Congressman Eric Swalwell:

    Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi today named Impeachment Managers.

    “Tonight, I have the solemn privilege of naming the Managers of the impeachment trial of Donald Trump,” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “It is their constitutional and patriotic duty to present the case for the President’s impeachment and removal. They will do so guided by their great love of country, determination to protect our democracy and loyalty to our oath to the Constitution. Our Managers will honor their duty to defend democracy For The People with great solemnity, prayerfulness and urgency.”

    The Impeachment Managers are:

    Congressman Jamie Raskin, Lead Manager: Congressman Jamie Raskin is a member of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, where he serves as Chair of Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties and on the Judiciary Committee, where he serves as Vice Chair of the Subcommittee on the Constitution. He also serves on the Rules Committee and the Committee on House Administration, where he is Vice Chair. Prior to his time in Congress, Raskin was a three-term State Senator in Maryland and a professor of constitutional law at American University’s Washington College of Law for more than 25 years.

    Congresswoman Diana DeGette: Congresswoman DeGette serves on the Energy and Commerce Committee as Chair of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. She is serving her thirteenth term in office. Before serving in the U.S. House of Representatives, DeGette was an attorney focusing on civil rights before being elected to serve two terms in the Colorado House, including one term as Assistant Minority Leader.

    Congressman David Cicilline: Congressman Cicilline is a member of the Judiciary Committee, where he serves as Chair of the Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial and Administrative Law. He also serves on the Foreign Affairs Committee. He is serving his sixth term in Congress. Early in his career, Cicilline served as a public defender in the District of Columbia. Cicilline served two terms as Mayor of Providence and four terms in the Rhode Island House of Representatives.

    Congressman Joaquin Castro: Congressman Castro serves on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and on the Foreign Affairs Committee, where he is also Chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. He is serving his fifth term in Congress. Prior to his election to Congress, he served five terms in the Texas Legislature and served as a litigator in private practice.

    Congressman Eric Swalwell: Congressman Swalwell serves on House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, where he chairs the Intelligence Modernization and Readiness Subcommittee, and on the Judiciary Committee. He is a former prosecutor and is the son and brother of law enforcement officers. He is serving his fifth term in Congress.

    Congressman Ted Lieu: Congressman Lieu serves on the Judiciary Committee and the Committee on Foreign Affairs. He is a former active-duty officer in the U.S. Air Force who served as a prosecutor in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, and currently serves as a Colonel in the Reserves. He is serving his fourth term in Congress.

    Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett: Congresswoman Plaskett serves on the House Ways and Means Committee. Before she was elected to Congress, she served as an Assistant District Attorney in the Bronx District Attorney’s Office and as Senior Counsel at the Department of Justice. She is serving her fourth term in Congress.

    Congresswoman Madeleine Dean: Congresswoman Dean is a member of the Judiciary Committee, where she serves on the Subcommittee on Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. She is serving her second term in Congress, before which she served in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for four terms and was a lawyer in private practice.

    Congressman Joe Neguse: Congressman Neguse is a member of the Judiciary Committee, where he serves as Vice Chair of the Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial and Administrative Law. Congressman Neguse also serves on the Natural Resources Committee and the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. Early in his career, Neguse was a litigator in private practice. He is serving his second term in Congress.

  9. I don’t know what to say I’m not a Democrat and mom not a Republican and just a realists having these people work in Congress for you is the biggest steak that this country can make much Buncher power-hungry money hungry people that make you promises that that never keep and the full’s that believe and down they’ll keep making meals promises they never plan on keeping there is an old saying keep on doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results that’s what happens when you vote for the same people every year

  10. What makes Nancy think that everything is about white versus black or black versus white? Nancy’s hatred is vile; I guess she’s not denying her hatred for President Trump any longer and I’m sure she’s not praying for him now.

  11. Race? Gender? Really? Nancy, I oppose you because you’re all a bunch of Marxists. My opposition has nothing to do with your favorite demographics. I don’t decide, “Oh, hey, it’s a woman, it’s a transsexual, it’s a person of color” — no, Nancy, I think “it’s a gawdam Marxist.” Nothing complicated about it, you ancient crustacean.

  12. I don’t know what universe Fancy Nancy lives in but she doesn’t know me and I sure as hell don’t want to know her. I take my ‘whiteness’ and my ‘democratic principles’ quite seriously. Remember Nan, we live in a Republic, but we don’t care where you live.

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