San Francisco conservative rally attacked by Antifa mob

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When you think of San Francisco, a conservative rally in support of the President and law enforcement probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But a group called Team Save America somehow managed to pull one off yesterday. Or at least they did so briefly. The group was displaying Thin Blue Line flags, along with American flags as they protested Twitter’s suppression of free speech and the blackout of news unfavorable to Joe Biden. The reason the rally didn’t last long was that hundreds of Antifa thugs showed up almost immediately and began attacking both the protesters and the police who were attempting to keep the two groups apart. At least one protester was taken to the hospital and multiple officers were injured. (Associated Press)

A free speech demonstration staged by conservative activists quickly fell apart in downtown San Francisco on Saturday after several hundred counterprotesters surged the area, outnumbering and attacking those gathered, including knocking one in the mouth.

A photographer working for The Associated Press witnessed an activist with Team Save America taken away in an ambulance and an injured San Francisco police officer on the ground by San Francisco’s United Nations Plaza.

Team Save America organized the rally to protest Twitter, which it said squelches conservative speech.

Philip Anderson, the event organizer, was taken away by ambulance after being beaten to the point where he lost one of his front teeth and another was dangling loose. The moment Anderson took the stage, the mob began throwing plastic water bottles and glass bottles at both the speaker and the cops. The Antifa thugs acted without hesitation and demonstrated no fear of law enforcement. And here’s the really incredible part. As of this morning, not a single arrest has been made. No wonder they think they can get away with it.

The following images from the Associated Press (obtained via our subscription to their media image library) show more of the action. (Click for full-size image)

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One Antifa member (incorrectly described in the article as a “counterprotester:) throws an egg at the police. It’s one of the less destructive things they did.

The mob crashed through the barricades to directly attack the cops.

How is the city government continuing to allow this to happen? This was not any sort of “counterprotest.” There was no liberal protest scheduled for yesterday in San Francisco. Team Save America announced their plans, obtained the required permit and showed up to peacefully demonstrate in support of their cause. Antifa rounded up hundreds of armed thugs wearing masks to hide their identities and simply launched an attack without provocation.

In a more sane world, those cops would have started beating the Antifa mob bloody, if not shooting a few of them to get the message across. But by allowing all of this to transpire without making so much as one arrest for assault, attacking police officers or obstructing law enforcement is an embarrassment. And you can rest assured, those orders came down from the top, rather than this being a case of the cops simply being ineffective. As long as that pattern continues, Antifa will feel free to attack where and when they wish. This needs to be put to an end, even if some of the mob members have to pay for their audacity with their own trip to the hospital or worse.

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  1. San Francisco is now owned by the “Progressives”. I’m sure it’s obvious why I put that in quotes- they are Communists using Fascist tactics but since the media won;t call them out on it and the fools running SF won’t stop them, the place is done.
    Give it up and move out, patriots. There’s nothing for you there. Let them burn it down.

  2. “In a more sane world, those cops would have started beating the Antifa mob bloody, if not shooting a few of them to get the message across.” That statement in quotes is just as pathetic as the so-called “Antifa” mob aggression. In a more sane world, there would have been due process, applicable arrests, and pro-active counter-protest measures, such as better perimeter control, traffic enforcement, and yes, gas, etc., without the violence from either side that the author(s) appear to embrace if it is only good for the goose.

    1. Ok Payvinda Waay, so due process when these Antifa thugs are beating your a$$ and attacking LEOs? Give us all a break and go back to whatever institution is teaching you this nonsense….YOU are obviously overeducated if you can not see what’s in front of your eyes. OR YOU choose not to SEE…

      1. When the mob rules the streets, eventually everyone will get caught in the cross-fire. San Francisco, the city of song, now being destroyed.

  3. Knowing San Francisco the city officials probably called Antifa and asked for their help. These people need to be declared terrorist and it should be legal to defend against these clowns with deadly force.

    1. I believe that President Trump has declared ANTIFA a terrorist group…………..just shows how little respect Mr. Trump has had while holding the Office of the President for four years. Yeah, yeah, the same old claim that President Trump is “not my President”. Well guess what, he is to those and will be again for another term. For that reason this Republic of a nation is dealing with any number of political names that have no interest in Constitutional freedom or laws. Ignorance of any alternative will be regretted one day if ever successful to change this government as we know it.

  4. I fully agree with the above statements. It is time to arm up and start teaching these Antifa idiots that their b s is not gonna cut it in this country. They want a fight…time to give it to them. Screw the rubber bullets… live fire. This country has gone soft.

    1. Those who are unwilling to kill and die to defend their lives, rights, liberty and property will inevitably lose them. Semper Fi!!

    2. Amen brother! I and my neighbors in our community will be waiting. Many very capable vets,cowboys and rednecks +. Heck we might even “stuff” a few of them for shits and giggles!!

  5. I have lived in nearby San Jose, a much larger city than SF, but equally as liberal. However, even though I’ve lived over 44 years in the same house in SJ I have gone to SF only one time. And even then I was kinda nervous in spite of being armed (I was a cop). I say leave SF to the weirdos and the tourists. It’s a pathetically poor excuse of a city when their mostly democratic politicians allow this to happen.

  6. Maybe it’s time to declare war on democrat polititians. Beat a few of them down and see if they like it. Pull Pelosi out of her castle and beat the living crap out of her.

  7. The governor and mayor should be arrested for treason, after that, the San Fro police need to be called back to duty. Then the State police need to be called in along with the Federal marshals to back the city police up. If this were to be done, I believe things would change foe the better.

  8. We definitely need to organize. Mob action on our part will be resisted by the police. We need to Target the few individuals responsible for allowing this to happen. What we do to them, I leave to your imagination and judgment. Antifa leaders are the target not antifa minions. The mayor and the governor need to stop feeling so safe and protected.

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