NO MERCY: Democrats Sowed the Nuclear Option

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Guest post by Richard Blaine

“Politics,” as they say, “ain’t bean-bag.”  Nevertheless, Harry Reid’s elimination of the Senate filibuster for Executive Branch and Judicial nominees in 2013 was rightly described as the “nuclear option.”  “The Senate is a living thing,” said Harry.

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At the time, Democrats cheered Reid’s decisionIt was the age of Obama, and Democrats were content to revel in it – and ram it down our throats.

What goes around, comes around. 

TRENDING: Obama Statement on Ginsburg Demands GOP Senate Honors Her Dying ‘Instructions’ and Put Off Vote on Supreme Court Nominee Until New President Sworn In

Historically, use of the filibuster either forced bipartisanship, or it resulted in a deadlock on nominations and legislation.  As anyone who has lived through the age of Trump could tell you, Democrats don’t give a tinker’s damn about bipartisanship.  They haven’t, they don’t now, and they never, ever, will.

Democrats have:

  • repeatedly and illegally attempted to negate the 2016 election through numerous coups against the President;
  • rioted, looted, and burned our cities all over the nation;
  • set forest fires all over the West;
  • used their federally imposed tech immunities to destroy any news outlet outside the mainstream echo chamber;
  • censored tens of thousands of Americans;
  • sowed racial division and demanded total thought conformity through lies and propaganda; and
  • even now, they conspire to steal the 2020 election through fraud.

But then Ruth Ginsburg died.

And guess who NOW is preaching “fairness” and “bipartisanship”? Ginsburg’s “dying wish” was supposedly to not be replaced until the next president was inaugurated.  Hollywood and the Left are all up in arms.

Barack Obama now pleads for “everyday fairness … that we apply the rules with consistency, and not based on what’s convenient or advantageous in the moment.” He certainly lived by that mantra when he was president, didn’t he?  This is why it was called the nuclear option, Barry.

And, no doubt, neo-cons and conservative fraudsters will make a similar plea to the public to block a 6th conservative justice.  Because: fairness.

Make no mistake, Democrats are merciless and ruthless.  They seize every possible opportunity to steal this country from you and your children.

If elected, Biden-Harris will work quickly to render this nation unrecognizableHere’s Victor Davis Hanson explaining what the Democrats have in store for us if they win in November. We will all be thought-slaves to hardcore communists and their deep state henchmen.

No mercy, Mr. President!  No Mercy, Mitch!  

No Mercy Susan Collins (ME), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Lindsey Graham (SC), Chuck Grassley (IA), Thom Tillis (NC),  Cory Gardner (CO), Joni Ernst (IA), Martha McSally (AZ). 

Nominate and confirm the 6th Justice, immediately!  It’s not about fairness.  It’s about SAVING OUR COUNTRY! 

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