And Just Like That… Chuck Schumer’s Words Come Back to Bite Him on Appointing RBG’s Replacement

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Friday night at home surrounded by family.
She was 87-years-old.

Republicans control the US Senate and the White House and could nominate and confirm a justice by election day on November 3rd.

Following her death Barack Obama immediately played politics and demanded the GOP Senate leaders honor “her dying instructions” and put off a vote on the next Supreme Court Justice until after the next president is inaugurated.

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And Chuck Schumer immediately after her death also announced that Republicans should refrain from appointing the next SCOTUS justice until after the next election.

But that isn’t what Chuck said back in 2016…

TRENDING: RUTH BADER GINSBURG DEAD! Supreme Court Justice Dies at Home Surrounded by Family

Back in 2016 Chuck Schumer released this statement on filling the Supreme Court vacancy.

Republicans should heed Chuck’s advice from 2016.

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