Shots Reportedly Fired at Trump Caravan in Los Angeles! Suspects Barricaded in Home — Tires Blown Out — No Injuries

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Gun shots were fired at a pro-Trump caravan driving on Ventura Boulevard in the Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles Sunday afternoon.

Police report a tire was possibly blown out by the alleged gunfire but that no one was injured.

Police also report three suspects are holed up in an nearby apartment building.

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An estimated 700 vehicles participated in the caravan.

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Emily Valdez, KNX-AM, “Breaking: SWAT Called out in Woodland Hills after someone from an apartment on #VenturaBoulevard shoots at pro-Trump caravan of cars. Tire on vehicle was shot out. No injuries. Suspect barricaded in apartment, per LAPD.”

Other reports stated three suspects were barricaded:


“Officers responding to reports of a person with a gun in Woodland Hills Sunday have evacuated some buildings in the area, the Los Angeles Police Department said. Three suspects are barricaded at a location in the 20500 block of Ventura Boulevard, LAPD said.”


“A witness driving east on Ventura Blvd. at around 11:30 a.m. called police after she heard what she believed were shots fired, then noticed her tire went flat. A second witness called police separately, saying that they believed the shooter was inside The Avalon apartment building at 20544 Ventura Blvd. The building was evacuated, and police said three suspects are barricaded inside the building.”


“A large caravan of cars in a pro-Trump rally was lined up on Ventura Boulevard when a woman who was not participating in the rally, driving past the rally, heard what sounded like gunshots and immediately noticed her tire was flat, the LAPD said.”

The Los Angeles Times reported they were given a photo of a man on a balcony holding a rifle and that the woman’s flat tire had been damaged by a “projectile”:

…Officer Will Cooper of the Los Angeles Police Department said officials received a report that a man was firing at a caravan as it traveled along Ventura Boulevard near Chalk Hill shortly before 11:30 a.m. The incident was initially described as someone brandishing a firearm and throwing bottles at the vehicles but was later updated to include a report of shots fired, he said.

…A woman who was driving east on Ventura past the procession heard what sounded like gunshots and noticed her tire went flat, Los Angeles police said in a news release. When she inspected it, she found it had been damaged by a projectile, possibly a bullet or a bullet fragment, police said.

…Jorge Rodriguez, deputy chief of the LAPD Valley bureau, said the department obtained a photo of man with a rifle on the balcony of an apartment unit. It’s unclear what kind of rifle he was holding.

The alleged shooter and two others barricaded themselves inside the property in the 20500 block of Ventura Boulevard, Cooper said. It wasn’t immediately clear whether all three men were believed to be armed…

Not everyone was thrilled:

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  1. What’s the odds the suspects are black or at least, Democrats and Biden will try to get them bailed out because the Democrats have openly admitted to inciting violence. Just a couple of them are; Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi.

    What is the Republican party going to do about it? We are watching and about tired of waiting! You’ll have a citizen arrested but not scumbag Politicians, is this true???? Let’s See!!

  2. I am a WW2 veteran. Here briefly is how it all came about:
    1946 – Dr. Spock said, “don’t spank your children, it’s cruelty”
    1966 – un-spanked children now 20, out of high school and “Hippies”. Dr. Timothy Leary told them that “Drugs are great”, so they took drugs. Anti-Vietnam demonstrations. Some from affluent families vacated their lifestyle and returned home for an education. College graduates now became politicians, CEO’s, educators etc. They permeated our institutions of learning with socialist ideology. That is how we got where we are at now. 74 years after WW2. Anarchy, insurrection, and total disregard of the “Rule of Law”. VOTE TRUMP.

    1. At 19 years of age I went to one Anti-Vietnam War demonstration. I left when I realized I was the only protesting the fact the US Military brAss was not fighting to win it!

      This is ironic.

      The US Military braAss did not invade southern Laos and parts of Cambodia to HOLD AND SEAL the DMZ border all the way to Thailand and then advance to Hanoi.

      But no, the NVA had a barely contested 600 mile long supply route that was never cut!

      In the 1970’s we had half a million troops in the wrong half of Vietnam! Holding hilltops and flying helicopters around in “Search & Destroy Missions” only to abandon ground back to the enemy did not work.

      In WWII Germany did not respect borders of France, Belgium and Luxembourg and neither did the Allies. The Allies invaded, counterattacked and kicked them out! We did not allow Germans safe sanctuaries anywhere and won in less 2 years.

      Germany did not respect Poland and the Baltic countries and neither did the USSR. The USSR invaded, counterattacked, did not allow Germans safe sanctuaries anywhere, kicked them out and won in less than 2 years.

      Today the 19 years war in Afghanistan continues because the Taliban has safe sanctuaries to recruit, rearm and rest in Laos and Cambodia, …………Ops. I meant Pakistan and Iran.

    2. Yep. They should have spanked that moron Dr. Spock, and the moron parents that listened to him. The resultant morons of today will need to have their minds straightened out. I am ready to help in that endeavor. ORANGE MAN TRUMP 2020.

  3. Vietnam was a travesty; JFK wanted to pull out, but was killed. LBJ escalated it over the (now proven to be a lie) “Gulf of Tonkin” story, and stretched it out with dangerous (to us) rules of engagement. But it was good for the Deep State – the Dems entrenched in Federal bureaucracies and the Defense companies with deep hooks into the Pentagon, and for Democrat fundraising. The SAME kinds of people are now responsible for our 19-year war in the Middle East, and fighting Trump’s attempts to end it – and are now so desperate to stop Trump, they have been encouraging all this violence in the streets. It’s long past time to bring the DC establishment to the gallows – this is NOT the kind of government our founders designed!

    1. JFK was killed Nov. 22, 1963. The US did not enter the war until 2 years later, Nov., 1965, at the Ia Drang Valley. My uncle’s engineering battalion det-corded the trees to construct LZ-X. Gulf of Tonkin incidents were in Aug, 1964. First US Marines landed at Da Nang in Mar., 1965.
      Everything else I agree with, you are 100% on it. Good analysis.

  4. from tweeter Nicola Piggott in the above tweet postings: “Trump rally motoring its way down Ventura Blvd today. They’re not from here – our area is overwhelmingly blue – but seeing them is still pretty sobering. Cannot underestimate. Must fight.”

    “…. pretty sobering. Cannot underestimate. Must fight”.
    Sounds like the last few breaths of a dying person. “Must fight”. Really? What does that even mean ?… “must fight”. Jerk. here’s something for you honey……it ain’t blue though…… NOT sorry…. ORANGE MAN TRUMP 2020 !!!…. FOUR. MORE. YEARS. Fight that losing battle moron.

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